Monday, July 2, 2007

Moonlight over the dam - AAA42

Originally uploaded by logsnaath
We are in 42nd AAA meet. This is the view on the Amaravathi Dam around 7.00pm.

This is caputured without flash in night mode setting. This definetly requires a tripot stand, atleast some sort of stand for the camera to be still. This takes two shots and combines to get a resonable exposure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Testing the blogger client.

This post comes from scribefire. Initially I tried windows live writer which sucks so much.

Scribefire doesn't seem to have much bells and whistles but at least it works. Oh damn this too confused a heck out me.

Semagic for livejournal really rocks for me.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

AAA-2006 pictures

Spider the directories

I was thinking of how to spider the directories in unix and list all its subdirectory tree and files as in `find` command. Here goes a simple script for it.

# `find path` implementation
# usage: basname($0) path


local dirs; # `local` modifier prevents getting the values from inner calls.
# IFS="
#"; # prevents space separated filenames as separate items.
# IFS is set to newline, better solution welcome
IFS=$'\n'; # Better solution
for i in $(ls --sort=n -a $dirs); do

if [ \( "$i" = "." \) -o \( "$i" = ".." \) ]; then

echo $newfpath;

if [ -d $newfpath ]; then
lsdir $newfpath; # recursive call

echo $dirpath;
dirpath=${dirpath%*/}; # strip the given trailing slash from pathname end.

lsdir $dirpath;


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